Beginning ASP.NET 2.0

It seems that there is both excitement and confusion surrounding Master Pages and Themes. A big part of the problem is that they always seem to be mentioned in the same breath - like I just did. The reality is that they are two separate but equally important technologies. … Read more

Creating Motivated Developers

If you're an IT manager, then your vision of "Peace on Earth" is probably a carefree existence where developers finish projects on-time and on-budget and who do only and exactly what you asked them to do. So it may surprise you to read that having your developers deliver "Peace on Earth" might be the last thing you want. … Read more

Project Management 101

Most software projects fail. Only about a quarter are completely successful. About half are late and over budget and the remaining quarter just fade into oblivion. What if there was a simple way to ensure your project's success? There is, and it's all about starting out in the right way...… Read more