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Solomon Rutzky

Solomon has been using computers since the mid 80’s and began his career in the mid 90’s. He has a degree in Philosophy (or so he perceives) and has held a variety of positions in the computer field. Solomon has worked on a wide range of hardware and software platforms and with several languages and RDBMS’s. He has focused on databases, SQL Server in particular, starting with SQL Server 2000 in the early 2000’s and has been working with SQL CLR since 2006. Solomon is the author of the SQL# SQLCLR library available at and occasionally writes articles for SQL Server Central.

CLR Performance Testing

Are Common Language Runtime routines in SQL Server faster or slower than the equivalent TSQL code? How would you go about testing the relative performance objectively? Solomon Rutzky creates a test framework to try to answer the question and comes up with some surprising results that you can check for yourselves, and offers some good advice. Read more...

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