Ten Years Later

Simple Talk has just celebrated its tenth birthday, has changed its platform, and has been given a make-over. The original site was designed for a small select readership, but we now get a million page-views a month. Security, page-speed, manageability, readability and convenience have all played their part in in directing what we did, but what do you think?… Read more

How to Write a Blog That Gets Read

There is a fairly simple and easily-learned technique to writing a blog that people will want to read. We asked an anonymous successful blogger, who is widely read, how it is done. I’m going to try to explain, purely from my own experience, how to write articles, blogs, features or short pieces that people will … Read more

How to Write an Interesting Technical Article

To write a technical article, one just surely needs technical knowledge. Well, no. The very best technical writers take enormous pains to present information in an interesting way. This isn’t a mysterious art at all, and the technique can be learned just as easily as square-dancing. Journalists are taught the technique though they often forget. … Read more