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Roger Hart

Roger is a Technical Author at Red Gate, currently working on SQL Compare 8. He also enjoys literary modernism, RPGs and beer festivals.

Continuous Integration with SQL Toolbelt

Sometimes, you wish you had a tool to run a software development process exactly the way you need it to run. You click your heels together and then realise that you already have the means to do it. By combining tools that can work in command-line mode, or can be automated in other ways, you can sometimes save a great deal of time and tedium. Roger Hart rummages into the SQL Toolbelt and comes up with some practical examples for providing Continuous Integration, along with the code! Read more...

Good Wow / Bad Wow - The SQL Compare Development Process

Roger points out the difference between a good 'Wow!' and a bad 'Wow!', when uttered by users trying to find features in your tools. You really should listen to both kinds when you're developing your software... Read more...

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