3 tips for SQL Azure connection perfection

One of my main annoyances when dealing with SQL Azure is of course the occasional connection problems that communicating to a cloud database entails. If you’re used to programming against a locally hosted SQL Server box this can be quite a change and annoying like you wouldn’t believe. So after hitting the problem again in … Read more

DIVs of equal height

It’s the same old old problem you want to make a set of columns the same height but life it too short for the CSS only version. It’s technically possible to do but nowadays you can’t run the web without having javascript turned on. There must be an easier way. After a short amount of … Read more

Red Gate Cloud Services – something new

For the past several months I’ve been working on something new. This is a hosted service for maintaining cloud applications cunningly named Red Gate Cloud Services. It’s been live since the beginning of the year and it’s free to try it out too. Schedule SQL Azure Backups Simply put you can schedule backups of your … Read more

5 reasons why I almost loved WPF

Before you read this you should probably read my original post 5 Reasons why I hate WPF. Also “Qwertie” wrote a nice article detail about his overview of why WPF sucks. 1 – Binding There is something so nice about setting a button to be enabled or not enabled based on a property in the … Read more

Save hours-get a command prompt

Recently somebody showed me a little trick to get a command prompt in any directory. Simply hold down SHIFT whilst pressing right-click on the folder and the menu option containing “Open command window here” appears as if by magic. I know this is simple but it’s not something I knew about, or had forgotten about. … Read more

Windows 8 inspired website

Download the zip here Working in New Biz As I work in Red Gate’s new business division much of what we do isn’t very visible. So along with Marine Barbaroux I decided to try to create an engaging website to capture what we’re doing in an easy to digest way. The idea is to create … Read more

5 Reasons why I hate WPF

I decided to use writing a new tool as a way to learn WPF and MVVM and I thought I’d write down a few of my problems as a way of cathartic release. I decided to read a book before attempting WPF for the first time as I’ve heard others complain about the steep learning … Read more

SQL Monitor and "The Cloud"

So, how can we demo this thing? In the beginning there was a product, and it was a good product for the testers had decreed it so, and nobody argues with a tester. But then comes the inevitable question of how can somebody test it out without risk. Red Gate prides itself on the tools … Read more

Red Gate Labs on a shoestring

In the Beginning Red Gate in the past has always produced lovely tools, however sometimes things are created which are never quite good enough to become products. So instead of keeping these things to ourselves we started putting them online for others to make the most out of – http://labs.red-gate.com. Being Red Gate the initial … Read more

When is a Bug NotABug

So we’re coding away – as you do – on our lovely new product (Blatant Plug : Exchange Server Archiver). Things are going well code monkeys are ooking nicely, testers are being evil as only they know how. Now I’m all for thoroughly tested products, things weren’t always this way and I remember when I … Read more

Been a bit busy lately

What I learned lately – by Richard Mitchell Aged 32 3/4. 1. When you’re managing a large project team don’t expect to get 4 days coding done a week.2. Designing a UI that people can use is much harder than it seems.3. Hire the right people and they’ll work wonders.4. I can’t pronounce Hungarian names.5. … Read more

Remoting and common classes

I’ve been playing a bit lately with .NET Remoting and I must say that so far I’m deeply un-impressed. The documentation seems to be sparse at best and downright misleading at worst. So I thought I’d put a few of my discoveries here so that people can learn from my mistakes. .NET Remoting is a … Read more