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Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell works at Red Gate and, for his sins, has lately been building the latest versions of their website and intranet. He has also worked on the SQL Data Compare engine and is currently battling CLR demons in developing the next version of ANTS Profiler. In his spare time he scares partridges riding his motorbike around the fens and decorates his new house.

3 tips for SQL Azure connection perfection

SQL Azure can come up with intermittent connection problems in production. To avoid these, make sure you use the correct connection string and use ReliableSqlConnection rather than SqlConnection Read more...

Red Gate Cloud Services – something new

Red Gate has now launched a hosted service for maintaining cloud applications that is free to try out too. It is designed to make it easy to schedule backups of your SQL Azure database Read more...

A Database Development Model Using SQL Compare

Richard Mitchell and Steven Davidson describe how they used Red Gate's database schema-comparison tool, SQL Compare, to develop the latest version of Read more...

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