A SQL Limerick

It wasn’t my idea at all. However someone set me the challenge of writing executable code that rhymed and scanned in the form of a limerick. Obviously, the easy trick is to just to write the limerick, assign it to a string and then do text substitution on that striing to convert it into SQL … Read more

Monthly Calendars in Transact SQL

/*I have been seized with the novel idea of writing something useful in a BLOG entry. My eye was caught by the rather fetching calendar in the top right of the BLOG. I’ve had to write Transact SQL code that produces calendars like this in production systems before now; Most often when one has to … Read more

Unreadable code

Producing unreadable Transact SQL is something of an art form. We all know that the best Transact SQL Style is to make everything elegant and obvious, with explanatory identifiers, liberal comments and deft formatting. It doesn’t always happen, for a number of reasons. One of the more subtle effects of acute caffein poisoning is to … Read more