Red Gate Coder interviews: Robin Hellen

Robin Hellen is a test engineer here at Red Gate, and is also the latest coder I’ve interviewed. We chatted about debugging code, the roles of software engineers and testers, and why Vala is currently his favourite programming language. How did you get started with programming? It started when I was about six. My dad’s … Read more

Modularity through HTTP

As programmers, we strive for modularity in the code we write. We hope that splitting the problem up makes it easier to solve, and allows us to reuse parts of our code in other applications. Object-orientation is the most obvious of many attempts to get us closer to this ideal, and yet one of the … Read more

Red Gate Coder interviews: Alex Davies

Alex Davies has been a software engineer at Red Gate since graduating from university, and is currently busy working on .NET Demon. We talked about tackling parallel programming with his actors framework, a scientific approach to debugging, and how JavaScript is going to affect the programming languages we use in years to come. So, if … Read more

Red Gate Coder interviews: Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster is a software engineer at Red Gate, and also happens to be the current Head of Software Engineering. Among other things, we talked about his first job writing code for furnaces, debugging using assertions, and why we tend to end up with complex, hard-to-change software. Let’s start at the start: how did you … Read more

Red Gate Coder interviews: Peter Cowan

Having just finished a Computer Science degree at Cambridge University, Peter is spending this summer being an intern here at Red Gate. We chatted about his relationship with PHP and C#, whether the Raspberry Pi will inspire a new generation of computer scientists, and what the future holds for programmers. How did you get interested … Read more

Simple Talk development: sites and modules

In the last post, I described Simple-Talk’s original architecture: four .NET applications sharing the same database with very little separation between the applications. The problems we had gave us a set of goals for any change in architecture: Replaceability — we’d like to be able to change one component of the site without requiring extensive … Read more

Code reviews at Red Gate

A couple of other Red Gate developers, namely Mat Burton and David Conlin, and I were tasked by Jeff Foster, our head of software engineering, to try to improve the communication between the developers. We quickly came to the idea of code reviews — whether formal or informal, they tend to be fairly cheap and … Read more

An Agile House of Stone

A couple of weeks ago, Tony discussed why complex databases can’t be created in the Agile way. As someone that works on code from the database right up to the user interface, I wonder what makes a database so different from application code. The arguments in favour of an agile approach are just as strong … Read more