Matteo Slaviero works as Microsoft .NET Framework consultant. He recently started his own company, Cassandra, to develop new products and services related to the world of cryptography (symmetric encryption, digital signature, X509 digital certificates generation and more). . Follow him on Twitter

28 September 2011

TLS/SSL and .NET Framework 4.0

The Secure Socket Layer is now essential for the secure exchange of digital data, and is most generally used within the HTTPS protocol. .NET now provides the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to implement secure communications directly. Matteo explains the TLS/SSL protocol, and takes a hands-on approach to investigate the SslStream class to show how to implement a secure communication channel … Read more
19 May 2010

AJAX basics with jQuery in ASP.NET

ASP.NET now has support for the jQuery JavaScript library. Although ASP.NET integrated AJAX technology by introducing the is the UpdatePanel server control, jQuery offers an alternative, and more versatile, way of doing it and a great deal more besides. Matteo shows how easy it is to get started with using jQuery.… Read more
28 January 2010

{smartassembly} software for code obfuscation

{smartassembly} is a tool for ensuring that the source code your commercial .NET application isn't visible to anyone with .NET Reflector. Matteo, who writes for us about encryption in .NET, asked if he could write a review of {smartassembly} for Simple-Talk. Because we like the product too, and Red Gate Software had recently taken over the product, we were happy to agree. … Read more
04 January 2010

Symmetric Encryption

Cryptography is an increasing requirement for applications, so it is great that it is part of the .NET framework. Matteo builds on his first article that explained Asymmetric Cryptography and Digital Signatures, and tackles Symmetric Encryption and how to implement it in the .NET Framework. … Read more

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