Matt Wrock has been Programming professionally for the past 15 years. The majority of this time was in the online advertising space in Southern California where he lead the development of high traffic Display Advertising and Domain Parking systems serving multiple millions of page views of unwanted content every day. Matt now works as a Sr. Software engineer for Microsoft and is a regular open source contributor. Matt started projects such as RequestReduce for web optimization and to make repaving a machine a painless experience. Matt has also made significant contributions to Chocolatey and created the Powershell Mocking functionality for Pester, a Powershell unit testing framework.

25 March 2014

Automate the Complete Windows Environment Setup and Configuration

Boxstarter is an open-source application that enables you to do the unattended install of everything required to turn bare metal, Azure VM or Hyper-V VM into a working Windows Server. It is built on top of Chocolatey, Nuget, and PowerShell to make the repeated installation of windows-based machines into an automated error-free process. Matt Wrock, Boxstarter's creator, explains how to use it.… Read more
30 April 2012

Towards the Perfect Build

An automated build and deployment system is no longer a dream. Now that PowerShell has matured as a product, and since the emergence of new tools such as Psake and Chocolatey, the ambition of the perfect build process has come nearer to reality. … Read more

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