New Developer Conference in London

The Norwegian Developer Conference (NDC Oslo) has made a name for itself over the years, and is known as the biggest software developer conference (or festival) in Europe. And for the first time ever, the NDC organisers have decided to organise NDC London (New Developer Conference) to give software engineers in the UK a better … Read more

Calling all developers building ASP.NET applications

We know that developers building desktop apps have to contend with memory management issues, and we’d like to learn more about the memory challenges ASP.NET developers are facing. To be more specific, we’re carrying out some exploratory research leading into the next phase of development on ANTS Memory Profiler, and our development team would love … Read more

Modernizr Rocks HTML5

HTML5 is a moving target.  At the moment, we don’t know what will be in future versions.  In most circumstances, this really matters to the developer. When you’re using Adobe Air, you can be reasonably sure what works, what is there, and what isn’t, since you have a version of the browser built-in. With Metro, … Read more

Finding bugs is difficult, right?

Something I hear developers tell us all the time is that they take pride in being a developer.and that bugs are a dent in that pride. Someone once told me “I know I have found bugs years later, and it’s the worst feeling in the world.” So how can you avoid that sinking feeling when … Read more

The Metro Surfaces

Our perceptions of Windows 8 are currently based on the live tiles of Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ and the touch-based ‘Metro’ User-Interface supported by WinRT. The buzz is of a clean, well-designed, but decidedly retro user-interface based on JavaScript+HTML/CSS, and based in tiles that can be rotated, docked or run full screen but not resized. … Read more


Microsoft Research, from Cambridge, is about to release what has the potential to become one of the most fun ways of programming in .NET you could think of. It is called ‘Gadgeteer‘ (well, officially Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer) and is based on the Open Source .NET Micro Framework. The intent is to allow embedded and handheld … Read more

Do you work with ASP.NET and IIS?

Do you work with ASP.NET and IIS? Maybe you’re a dab hand at installing ISAPI extensions, or maybe you like to keep your production servers pristine and free of anything you didn’t hand-craft yourself. Maybe you’re using IIS 7’s modules to configure server functionality, or perhaps an earlier IIS version gives you all the control … Read more

Turnkey with LightSwitch

Microsoft has long wanted to find a replacement for Microsoft Access. The best attempt yet, which is due out in, or before, September is Visual Studio LightSwitch, with which it is said to be as ‘easy as flipping a switch’ to use Silverlight to create simple form-driven business applications. It is easy to get confused … Read more

Sunshine after the iCloud release?

“Why should I believe them? They’re the ones that brought us MobileMe? It was not our finest hour, but we learned a lot.” Steve Jobs June 6th 2011 Apple’s new cloud service has been met with uncritical excitement by industry commentators.  It is wonderful what a rename can do.  Apple has had a ‘cloud’ offering … Read more

Windows 8 and the future of Silverlight

After Steve Ballmer’s indiscrete ‘MisSpeak’ about Windows 8, there has been a lot of speculation about the new operating system. We’ve now had a few glimpses, such as the demonstration of ‘Mosh’ at the D9 2011 conference, and the Youtube video, which showed a touch-centric new interface for apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript. This … Read more

Monopolytics: Porting the .NET framework

.NET was originally conceived as a portable framework that would run on any number of platforms. Microsoft has gradually diminished their ambitions for .NET and Silverlight, but as long as Mono and Moonlight lived, there was proof that the framework can be ported. It came as a surprise to many, therefore, that Attachmate should close … Read more

A Fresh Start

As you may already be aware, I’m no longer responsible for the .NET Reflector newsletter. That publication is now in the very capable hands of the Reflector team. But fear not; starting in early April, I’ll be launching a brand new .NET Newsletter, and I invite you to enjoy the very first edition by subscribing … Read more

Automated Error Reporting = More Robust Software

I would like to tell you how to revolutionize your software development process </marketing hyperbole> On a more serious note, we (Red Gate’s .NET Development team) recently rolled a new tool into our development process which has made our lives dramatically easier AND improved the quality of our software, and I (& one of our … Read more

Silverlight: less cross-platform, more cross developers

Much has changed since Silverlight first saw the daylight. Microsoft has realized for some time that they can’t possibly maintain their ambition to support the use of Silverlight as a runtime that runs consistently in all popular OSs, in different form factors across the increasing variety of devices that have appeared since then. They had … Read more

Orchard? No harvest quite yet.

Microsoft announced last week that it was scrapping its Windows Live Spaces blogging technology, and would make Automattic’s WordPress the default blogging platform for Windows Live. Couldn’t Microsoft’s Orchard, the three-year open-source project to provide a general-purpose website publishing and blogging platform, come up with the goods?  Sadly, it is just bad timing: Orchard is … Read more