Web page titles from URL

Nothing wholly SQL Server-related this time but this is something that I have been meaning to write for ages. While searching on the internet for content I gather loads of URLs that might be useful to me and not long after this I lose track of what content is to be found at each location. … Read more

Learning by doing (or not)

I have spent a lot of today repeating steps that I followed months ago and it is hopefully through writing it down here that I will remember the steps needed if it happens again. I was building a VM environment on my laptop (using VMWare but that is irrelevant) and it went like: Create VM … Read more

Quick Tip: Windows directory file list

In a previous version of Windows (circa Windows95 or older) there was a button in the toolbar of it’s equivalent of Windows Explorer that generated a list of files in the open directory, in a text file. Despite searching through http://toastytech.com/guis/indexwindows.html I cant locate an image of it or find a demo of it in … Read more

Tribal SQL Awards

This is likely to be my last blog for 2013 and it is one that is going to give you something to do. Yep, you actually HAVE to click a link and do some thinking. Don’t Panic though, it will take maybe 1 minute and a load of people that have given waaaay more than … Read more

SSRS Table Cells with Mixed Formatting

In this quick post I’ll show you how to create and format a report so that you can configure individual table cells to display their contents with a mixture of text formatting. I have heard many people asking how to achieve this and it wasn’t until I was reading a blog post recently that I … Read more

It’s all a numbers game

Just recently I have been using this small amount of code an awful lot so I thought I would share it here. A lot has been written about using a tally or numbers table and I ‘m not about to re-write any of that. This is simply how to create one really quickly. Lets start … Read more