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Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen has been a SQL Server DBA since 1999, most enjoying performance tuning and development but also working with SSIS, SSRS to provide suitable business solutions. He is SQLSouthWest PASS Chapter Leader, blogs for Simple Talk, is a forum moderator at and is on Twitter. If you would like to find your nearest user group or just want to say hello then he would love to get an email from you.

Preparing to Upgrade your SQL Server

It isn't a problem to use deprecated TSQL features until it comes to the time to move the database to a server with a newer version of SQL Server, because The Upgrade Adviser tool will tell you what needs to be changed. An alternative is to flush out the use of archaic features via scripting during the development process so there are no surprises later. Jonathan Allen shows how Read more...

On Organising Technical Community Events

SQL Relay was a great success. The UK SQL Server community managed to pack thirteen SQL Server User group events into one week, and they were on offer absolutely free, It gave everyone a great opportunity to get involved in the SQL community in their local area. Jonathan Allen lists the lessons that were learned by the organisers, so as to help anyone else who is planning this sort of community-based event. Read more...

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