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John Papa

John Papa, Senior .NET Consultant at ASPSOFT, is a Microsoft MVP [C#], MCSD.NET, and an author of several data access technology books. John has over 10 years' experience in developing Microsoft technologies as an architect, consultant, and a trainer. He is the author of the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine and can often be found speaking at user groups, MSDN Web Casts, and industry conferences such as VSLive and DevConnections. John is a baseball fanatic who spends most of his summer nights rooting for the Yankees with his family and his faithful dog, Kadi. You can contact John at
His new book Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 has recently been published.

Using Silverlight to Build a Guitar Chord Calculator

Silverlight is so versatile that it is easy to move beyond conventional browser-based applications and even write games. John Papa celebrates the launch of his new book by bringing you a simple Silverlight guitar Chord Calculator to demonstrate features of Silverlight such as Data binding, Media elements, Resources, Transforms, Visual states and Dynamically generated controls. He has placed the complete source on Codeplex, so that you can enhance it if you feel the urge. Read more...

Data and Silverlight 2: Data Binding

Silverlight 2 is far more versatile than Silverlight 1. It can handle data-sources with some subtlety. John Papa tackles the whole subject of data-binding with Silverlight. This article is a partial excerpt from John Papa's upcoming book Data Access with Silverlight 2 by O'Reilly, due to be released in December 2008. Read more...

.NET 3.5 Language Enhancements

LINQ may be getting the most attention in the forthcoming .NET 3.5, but there are also several new language features that add functionality and make life easier for the programmer. John Papa explains more... Read more...

Gathering RSS Feeds using Visual Studio and RSS.NET

If you would like to learn how to build and customize your very own Windows service to retrieve posts from multiple RSS feeds, and then store those posts in a SQL Server database, let John Papa guide you through his tutorial. Read more...

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