John Magnabosco is a writer and a SQL Server Database Consultant. He is also the current President and Co-Founder of the Indianapolis Professional Association for SQL Server (IndyPASS) as well as the Speaker Coordinator and Co-Founder of IndyTechFest. As a database developer and administrator John has had the opportunity to work on databases as small as single user systems and as large as a terabyte enterprise databases in the banking and government arenas.

16 March 2010

Transparent Data Encryption

Transparent Data Encryption is designed to protect data by encrypting the physical files of the database, rather than the data itself. Its main purpose is to prevent unauthorized access to the data by restoring the files to another server. With Transparent Data Encryption in place, this requires the original encryption certificate and master key. It was introduced in the Enterprise edition of SQL Server 2008. John Magnabosco explains fully, and guides you through the process of setting it up.… Read more
21 October 2009

Obfuscating your SQL Server Data

If you are required to use real production data to test applications, any sensitive data should be "disguised" before loading it into the development environment. Although there are tools to generate convincing test data, it occasionally happens that the variances and frequencies within data cannot easily be simulated. In such cases, the DBA should apply one or more of the obfuscation techniques described in this article, extracted from John Magnabosco's excellent new book, Protecting SQL Server Data.… Read more
16 September 2009

Honeycombing a Database

In this article, taken from Chapter 9 of his new book, Protecting SQL Server Data, John describes how to set a "honey trap" for would-be data thieves, allowing the DBA to identify the precursors of an attack and respond quickly and also to better understand the techniques being used to breach existing security measures.… Read more
20 August 2009

Protecting SQL Server Data

John Magnabosco's excllent new book, "Protecting SQL Server Data", holds the key to encryption without fear. In it, John Magnabosco sweeps away some of the misconceptions surrounding SQL Server's encryption technologies, and demonstrates that, when properly planned and implemented, they are an essential tool in the DBA's fight to safeguard sensitive data.… Read more

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