Migrating from OCS 2007 R2 to Lync: Part 2

In the story so far, Johan has described how to check that the migration from your OCS to Lync is supported and how to determine the requirements for the new installation This was followed by a walk-through of the preparation the Active Directory and installation of the first Lync Front End Server with a Mediation Server co-located. Now Johan tackles the merging the OCS configuration, and connection to the outsode world, followed by testing, performing and then validating the migration. … Read more

A look at Microsoft Lync 2010

Lync manages office communications such as voice calls, video calls, instant messages, meetings, and shared whiteboard sessions all from a single interface. If this sounds like OCS, then you're right, it is the new improved version. Johan explains the background, why it is better, and how you can get started with it. … Read more

Migrating to Microsoft BPOS – Part II

In his last article, Johan gave us a crystal clear guide to preparing to migrate from an on-premises Exchange environment to a Cloud-based BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) environment. With the preparations complete, he now walks us through the final steps of the migration, and correctly configuring the environment.… Read more

Migrating to Microsoft BPOS – Part I

By now, you've probably heard of Microsoft's latest foray into the PaaS arena - Office 365 - but you might not know that Microsoft's BPOS offering is going to be a component of this latest incarnation. If you're considering either of these platforms, Johan Veldhuis' clear and comprehensive guide to Migrating from Exchange to BPOS is essential reading.… Read more

Monitoring Mailbox Moves

Mailboxes moves happen all the time, and given how precious the data in mailboxes can be, you should know exactly how to monitor their progress and make sure they transition smoothly. You also need to know what happens when something goes wrong. Johan imparts the necessary skills.… Read more

OCS Disaster Recovery, Part 2

There are several possible disasters which might happen to your Office Communications Server environment. This will be everything from a file share which becomes corrupted, all the way over to a complete OCS server recovery. None of these will present a problem if you've prepared for disaster recovery beforehand. Johan explains what to do when disaster strikes.… Read more

OCS Disaster Recovery Part 1

Office Communications Server stores its data in a variety of locations, which can make backing it up and disaster recovery a slightly tricky business. Thankfully, Johan Velduis is here to tell which databases and fileshares we need to worry about, and give us peace of mind.… Read more

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 – Part I

Office Communications Server, which provides integrated voice, conferencing, IM, and telephony, is one of those products that are difficult to explain in simple terms. It takes a brave man to take on the task, and to provide a simple guide to installing it: Luckily for us, Johan is that man. In the first of a series, he explains what it is, how it benefits your enterprise, and how to make it happen. … Read more