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Grahaeme Ross

Grahaeme has worked for 25 years in IT, and has experience in application and web development as well as database development and administration. He is currently working at easyJet as a BI DBA.

Understanding Cross-Database Transactions in SQL Server

Microsoft 'Always On' technology does not support distributed or cross-database transactions. Why not? Grahaeme Ross shows how to investigate cross-database transactions to understand the problem in more detail, and concludes that a Cross-Database transaction can cause loss of data integrity in the commit phase of the two-phase commit Read more...

Working with Continuous Integration in a BI Environment Using Red Gate Tools with TFS

Continuous integration is becoming increasingly popular for database development, and when we heard of an implemention of a system based on TeamCity, TFS, SQL Source Control, SQL Compare, and SQL Data Compare, we were interested to find out more. Grahaeme Ross gives a practical guide to how it was achieved. Read more...

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