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Francis Hanlon

Francis works as the Senior SQL Server DBA for Manitoba eHealth; a Canadian organization providing IT solutions for health care facilities in the province of Manitoba. He has been work involved in IT since using punch cards was a common practice in programming. He has been involved with SQL Server databases since the 20th century.

Monitoring Transactional Replication in SQL Server

If you are using replication in SQL Server, you can monitor it in SSMS, but it makes sense to monitor distribution jobs automatically, especially if you can set up alerts or even set up first-line remedial action when a problem is detected. Francis shows how to do it in TSQL as an agent job. Read more...

On the Trail of the Expanding Databases

It is sometimes difficult for other IT people to understand the constraints that DBAs have to work under. So often the ideal or obvious solution is frustratingly out of reach because of 'political' reasons that seem baffling to the spectator. Francis Hanlon describes a typical incident: It is essential reading for anyone wishing an insight of the problems that DBAs face Read more...

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