An Introduction to Information Rights Management in Exchange 2010

If you're a Systems Administrator concerned about information security, you could do worse than implementing Microsoft's Information Rights Management system; especially if you already have Active Directory Rights Management Services in place. Elie Bou Issa talks Hub Servers, Transport Protection Rules and Outlook integration in this excellent guide to getting started with IRM.… Read more

Getting Started with Active Directory Rights Management Services for Exchange 2010

With security concerns being a constant litany, it's worth considering Active Directory Rights Management Services as a powerful tool in your access-control arsenal, particularly when it integrates so neatly with Exchange 2010. Elie Bou Issa kindly takes us, step by step, through everything we need to know to install and start using this versatile technology like a pro.… Read more

Single Item Recovery

One of the more obscure parts of Exchange Server is the Dumpster. This allows the recovery of one or more deleted emails, in much the same way as the recycle bin in Windows, even if the user has purged them. Although it is seen as an alternative to backup, or as a means to document retention, it really provides a separate function, undoing an accidental deletion. Elie explains how to configure deleted retention items and how to recover a purged item.… Read more