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David Poole

David first became interested in databases while working for a B2B direct mail company. The idea that prospect/suspect/customer behaviour could be predicted and influenced through data was and remains an enduring fascination. Working for McCann-Erikson and seeing those ideas applied to a wide range of B2C and B2B clients nurtured this interest but also lead towards the DBA path as database systems at that time simply were not powerful enough to allow the required analysis without significant technical involvement. Moving on to a company specialising in information delivery introduced the concept that data can only be useful if it can be presented in the correct context and targeted at the correct audience Work with the Tote and Moneysupermarket have introduced the rigours of high transaction loads and 24/7 support capabilities and also the design disciplines to ensure efficient data flow. So far his career journey has exposed him to a rich DBA experience which some of which includes SQL Server versions 6.5 through to 2012. He is now the data architect for

DBAs vs Developers: A Sad Tale of Unnecessary Conflict

For many developers, does DBA really stand for Don't Bother Asking? David Poole thinks it is time to end the unnecessary conflict between developer and DBA, and explains how to deal professionally with the inevitable friction between development and operation activities in IT Read more...

Experiments with NEO4J: Using a graph database as a SQL Server metadata hub

NEO4J, the graph database, can be used to provide answers that are very tricky for relational databases, including providing diagrams to show how SQL tables relate to each other, and the shortest chain of relationships between two tables, as David Poole demonstrates Read more...

Technical Debt and the Cultural Gap

Sometimes, technical jargon is often so readily understandable by the technical community that they forget that it may be interpreted quite differently by the rest of the business. 'Technical Debt' is an example of a metaphor that is considered very differently by others. By failing to adopt a common language, you could be giving a message about your IT project that is quite different to the one you intended. Read more...

Big Data: Are We Looking at the Wrong "V"s?

For once, business people are excited about the importance of data and are interested in the business benefits of extracting insights from the data. Perhaps this is more of a cultural rather a technical initiative, and so we in the data industry should participate by redefining the concept of the three Vs to reflect business values rather than technical challenges. Read more...

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