David Leibowitz (dleibowitz@cgsinc.com) is Product Manager for Computer Generated Solutions; helping customers realize value from portals and analytics. For over a decade he's implemented solutions for retail, wholesale and distribution companies specializing in fashion apparel, footwear and accessories ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

29 April 2008

SSIS Package Componentization

In this article, David Leibowitz describes methods for scalable SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package creation. If you're no stranger to OOP, then the methods described will fit nicely in your enterprise ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) toolkit.… Read more
26 October 2007

Reporting at the Top

In Reporting Services, It is not difficult to provide flexible grouping and to display the detail records in a drill-down on-demand method. It is more difficult to combine custom ranking and aggregations on filtered table groups in table based reports. David Leibowitz shows you how.… Read more

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