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Daniel Penrod

Daniel works as an Application Development Specialist for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He primarily uses: Java, C#.NET and occasionally Ruby depending on which type of server he is messing with. He enjoys spending time with his family even if the majority of that time is spent sleeping.

Ext Framework, jQuery and ASP.NET

If you are developing a browser-based application, or using Adobe AIR, then jQuery and Ext JS are prime choices for your framework. Of course you could code it all in raw Javascript and HTML but Daniel Penrod hasn't got the time or the inclination to type code all day. He wants results! Read more...

Using WebServices with ASP.NET

Webservices without tears? Popup maps in your websites? Word-completion? Ajax-based Search-engines? No problems, with Daniel's sample application to guide you. Read more...

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