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Chris Massey

Chris has been writing and editing for Simple-Talk for several years, working with authors on countless articles and several books. His focus is on .NET development, with a bit of SQL and Systems Administration thrown into the mix for good measure. When not working on any of these things, he's either on twitter or debating some obscure philosophical point.

Free eBook: SQL Server Crib-Sheet Compendium

For everything you need to know, rather than want to know, about SQL Server Reporting Services, replication, backup, XML, performance, data warehousing and more.. Read more...

Has .NET Reflector Saved Your Bacon?

We think Reflector is a fantastic tool, and we know you do too. We'd love to hear about the times you've used it to save the day. What were you working on? What happened? Send us your epic tales of .NET Heroism... Read more...

Encouraging .NET Reflector Add-ins

Jason Haley is well-known for the resources he's provided to developers who wish to extend Reflector's usefulness by writing Add-ins, so we decided to sit him down for a chat. Read more...

Mysteries of the NET Framework: The Challenge

We're very aware that some of the brightest NET programmers want to use ANTS 4, but are on tight budgets. Have no fear, as we have ten copies to give away to those who can illuminate the dark mysteries of the NET Framework. Read more...

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