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Barry King

Barry has been working for Total Jobs Group as a Senior Database Developer for the last 2+ years, having come from a consultancy background where he worked for many high profile companies including UK based charity Marie Curie Cancer Care. He has a passion for anything geeky but focuses primarily on database related technologies.

SQL Server Partitioning without Enterprise Edition

Table partitioning is a valuable technique for managing very large database tables. It has always been possible with SQL Server, even if slightly cumbersome. SQL Server 7.0 introduced partitioning through partitioned views: These were combined with constraints to allow the query optimizer to remove irrelevant tables from the query plan and reduce the overall plan cost when a UNIONed view accessed multiple tables. As Barry King explains, this is still a valuable feature that works in every current version of SQL Server. Read more...

Reporting Services with Style

Even when Microsoft neglect a feature, there are always pioneers who find ways of getting around the problem. Such is true of Reporting Services, where there are surprising restrictions in the way that reports can be made to conform to a standard style. Barry King comes up with a surprisingly simple solution for SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Read more...

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