Facts and Fallacies about First Normal Form

When discussing the normalisation process, it is always the First Normal Form that causes the most grief and confusion. Anith Sen takes up the challenge to explain, in simple terms, exactly what the First Normal Form really is, and why it is so important for Database Design. Along the way, he dispels some of the myths that have grown up around 1NF.… Read more

Faking Arrays in Transact SQL

It is a simple routine that we all need to use occasionally; parsing a delimited list of strings in TSQL. In a perfect relational world, it isn't necessary, but real-world data often comes in a form that requires one of the surprising variety of routines that Anith Sen describes, along with sage advice about their use.… Read more

Concatenating Row Values in Transact-SQL

It is an interesting problem in Transact SQL, for which there are a number of solutions and considerable debate. How do you go about producing a summary result in which a distinguishing column from each row in each particular category is listed in a 'aggregate' column? A simple, and intuitive way of displaying data is surprisingly difficult to achieve. Anith Sen gives a summary of different ways, and offers words of caution over the one you choose.… Read more