SQL Support for OSS Projects

We recently blogged about two new open source websites, OSS Zero to Sixty and OSSPerks. Set up by Nik and Anthony, founders of Glimpse, they’re two sites dedicated to helping anyone looking for help, tips, resources and tooling for open source projects. Since then, we’ve heard about all sorts of exciting things the open source … Read more

SQL Server source control from Visual Studio

Note: SQL Connect has been discontinued. For easier SQL Server development in Visual Studio, check out ReadyRoll and Redgate’s SSDT Power Tools. Developers have long since had to context switch between two IDEs, Visual Studio for application code development and SQL Server Management Studio for database development. While this is accepted, especially given the richness … Read more

Database continuous integration step by step

This post will describe how to set up basic database continuous integration using TeamCity to initiate the build process, SQL Source Control to put your database under source control, and the SQL Compare command line to keep a test database up to date. In my example I will be using Subversion as my source control … Read more

What is Database Continuous Integration?

Although not everyone is practicing continuous integration, many have at least heard of the concept. A recent poll on www.simple-talk.com indicates that 40% of respondents are employing the technique. It is widely accepted that the earlier issues are identified in the development process, the lower the cost to the development process. The worst case scenario, … Read more