DevOps and “Shift Left” for Databases

The easiest way of explaining how a DevOps approach to database deployment can dramatically speed up the process is to use the term ‘shift-left’. By performing, or at least preparing for, all the processes and tasks that are necessary for deployment as soon as possible in the development cycle, it is possible to move from big, infrequent releases to “little and often”. Stephanie Herr explains how ‘shifting left’ can get deployment pipelines moving.… Read more

Webinar Q&A with Dave Farley – Should your database be Continuously Delivered?

  With Dave Farley & Elizabeth Ayer, and host, Stephanie Herr If you want to check out our previous webinars, the recordings are available in our DLM Webinar playlist. Webinar Summary THE Continuous Delivery expert, Dave Farley, was grilled by Elizabeth Ayer, Redgate Product Manager about Databases and Continuous Delivery. Dave is co-author of the Continuous Delivery … Read more

A SQL Prompt Trick for SQL Demos

I recently attended SQL Saturday in Pittsburgh. It was a great event and I was impressed with the presenters. We all know that typing SQL on the fly during a live demo is never a good idea. One little typo and you might have to spend several awkward minutes trying to figure out what just … Read more