Software Engineer at Red Gate, working on SQL Monitor since May 2011.

18 December 2014

Using SQL Release with PowerShell

Update, 5 March 2015: This post has been updated to reflect the API changes in version 1.1.0 of SQL Release. Update, 31 March 2015: This post has been updated to reflect the release of Redgate’s DLM Automation. Update, 15 December 2015: This post has been updated to reflect recent renaming of the cmdlets. Introduction SQL … Read more
11 September 2012

SQL Monitor’s data repository: Alerts

In my previous post, I introduced the SQL Monitor data repository, and described how the monitored objects are stored in a hierarchy in the data schema, in a series of tables with a _Keys suffix. In this post I had planned to describe how the actual data for the monitored objects is stored in corresponding … Read more
23 August 2012

SQL Monitor’s data repository

As one of the developers of SQL Monitor, I often get requests passed on by our support people from customers who are looking to dip into SQL Monitor’s own data repository, in order to pull out bits of information that they’re interested in. Since there’s clearly interest out there in playing around directly with the … Read more

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