Agile Testing Days 2012 – My Thoughts

Way back in my first post about Agile Testing Days 2012, I tried to explain my thoughts and journey leading me to attending this conference. I didn’t really know what, if anything, I would get out of this, but felt that I should at least try it once! Was it worth it? You bet your … Read more

“It’s only test code…”

“Let me hack this in, it’s only test code”, “Don’t worry about getting it reviewed, it’s only test code”, “It doesn’t have to be elegant or efficient, it’s only test code”… do these phrases sound familiar? Chances are if you’ve working with test automation, at one point or other you will have heard these phrases, … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 9: Progress and Updates

It’s been a while since my last post, and things are going well. I’ve currently got over 260 users, and some really positive feedback! I’ve also had a few support emails what I have addressed in version 1.0.2. The most interesting issue was the behaviour of the app when the gps was not enabled. In … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 8: It’s Alive!!!

Finally the day has come, Antenna Aligner v1.0.1 has been uploaded to the AppStore and . “Waiting for review” .. . fast forward 7 days and much checking of emails later WOO HOO! Now what? So I set my facebook page to go live, and started by sending messages to my mates that have … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 7: Connecting the dots

The app is basically ready, so I eagerly started to sort out creating the application entry in iTunes Connect. It’s mostly intuitive actually, although I did have to create yet another icon for iTunes sized 512×512 pixels, damn lucky I did the original graphics as vector! It took me longer to write the application description … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 6: Little Robots

A week ago I took temporary ownership of a HTC Desire S so that I could start testing my app under Android. Support for Android was not in my original plan, but when Nomad added support for it recently, I starting thinking why not! So with some trepidation, I clicked the Build for Android button … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 4: Role’ing in the deep

Since last time I’ve been trying to sort out the general workflow of the app. It’s fundamentally not hard, there is a list of transmitters, you select a transmitter and it shows the compass view. Having done quite a bit of ajax/ in the past, I immediately started off by creating two divs within my … Read more

Antenna Aligner Part 3: Kaspersky

Quick one today. Since starting this project, I’ve been encountering times where Nomad fails to build my app. It would then take repeated attempts at building to then see a build go through successfully. Rob, who works on Nomad at Red Gate, investigated this and it showed that certain parts of the message required to … Read more

Antenna Aligner part 1: In the beginning.

Picture the scene, it’s 9pm, I’m in my caravan (yes I know, I’ve heard all the jokes!) with my family and I’m trying to tune the tv by moving the aerial, retuning, moving the aerial again, retuning… 45 mins and much cursing later I succeed. Surely there must be an easier way than this? Aha, … Read more