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Robert Sheldon

Working with SQL Server data in Power BI Desktop

What's the best way of providing self-service business intelligence (BI) to data that is held in on-premise SQL Server? Not, it seems, Power BI 2.0 the hosted cloud service, but Power BI 2.0 Desktop. If moving your database to Azure isn't an option, Power BI 2.0 desktop could still bring smiles to the faces of your BI hotshots. Read more...

Casimir Saternos

Visualizing Data with R

It isn't just the attraction of the huge range of statistical analyses afforded by R that attracts data people to R. The language has also developed a rich ecosystem of charts, plots and visualisations over the years. In his second article about R Basics, Casimir Saternos shows how to get started with the three best-established graphics systems in R. Read more...

Michael Sorens

The Zen of Code Reviews: Best Practices

If you don't feel that you are getting helpful and comprehensive feedback from code reviews, it may well be your fault. Unless you are considerate to your reviewers in a number of ways, they might find it difficult to check your code and provide helpful advice. What ways? Michael Sorens outlines the eight golden rules that, if you follow them, might even even make your code a pleasure to review! Read more...

David Berry

Improving Web Page Performance

Visitors to a website are put off by having to wait for pages to load. Google uses the metric as well to rank your site. Why, when there are tools and techniques around to help reduce WebPage Lethargy, do we still experience slow page-loads? David Berry provides the simple ways of finding and fixing the problems Read more...

Tony Davis

Building Databases: One Man’s Best Practice?

In software development, one man’s meat is often another man’s poison. We come across a technique and it works for us. We assume it will work in all contexts and publish it as a ‘best practice’. It fails to live up to its promise in other circumstances. Read more...

Dino Esposito

Selective Updates with ASP.NET SignalR

SignalR is great for all those tasks that one would otherwise need to rely on AJAX. However, it is much more versatile than this: it allows, for example, a server process to update users' browser windows selectively rather than broadcast to all, and can treat groups of users in different ways. Dino explains how this magic works. Read more...

Michael Sorens

When to Quote in PowerShell

The one question about PowerShell that trips up almost everyone is about when and how to quote strings. Because PowerShell replaces the old command shell, it has to be able to work the way that it did with string parameters, but it also has to behave like a .Net scripting language to replace VBA. PowerShell grapples with this apparent contradiction, and manages to square the circle. Michael Sorens explains the how and when of PowerShell quoting. Read more...

Tony Davis

Basic SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting For Developers

The speed of a slow SQL Query can almost always be improved. In SQL Server, the query optimizer determines the best way of executing the query, based on the evidence it has. The same query can be executed in many different ways as the data size increases, new indexes become available, or as the data distribution changes. If the appropriate index doesn't exist or can't be used, then SQL Server shrugs and does the best it can. Tony Davis explains how to find out what a query needs to perform well Read more...

Sunil Pardasani

Behaviour Driven Development Part 3 – Benefits of using BDD Programming Methodology

Behaviour Driven Development requires the use of ubiquitous language to clearly state the requirements for a software project. As Sunil Pardasani explains, this clarity can bring substantial benefits to your organisation, reducing misunderstandings, competing visions, and setting clear goals that are directly tied to the development process. Read more...

Clive Tong

What is DNX?

In the past, working in .NET for non-Windows platforms has been dependent on third-party frameworks like Mono. Now, with VS2105 and DNX Microsoft have stepped up to provide everything you need to code multi-platform apps straight out of the box. Clive Tong introduces this new .NET technology. Read more...

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